[Faccus] SharePoint Infrastucture Migration: Completed

Stephen Markan smarkan at uwaterloo.ca
Sat Jan 25 19:47:08 EST 2014

Hello all,

The DNS issue has been resolved and SharePoint is now back online and available

Any bookmarks you have in the format:
(Where YourSITE is the name of your SharePoint Site)

Will now be working.

As I mentioned in my courses the Migration moves over all sites looking like the old site.
This Migration does not update the Sites 2010 Look and Feel
As Site Administrator you do have the option to complete the final steps to fully convert your Site to the 2013 Look and Feel

Across the top of your site (as an Adminsitrator) you will see in a Pink bar:
"Experience all that SharePoint 2013 has to offer. Start now or Remind me later"

What do I do Now?
Please do NOT convert your site just yet!
Please take the time to verify that users still have access to the SharePoint sites.
Please verify your content has migrated and is available for access and editing.

When Should I Finish the Upgrade?
We suggest you wait at least a week. There is no hurry to convert to the new features. The important first step is making sure all the old content and proper authentication is in place.

What if I find Problems?
Please submit an RT via the IST Service pages, or by emailing rt at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:rt at uwaterloo.ca> (Please add SharePoint to the Subject)

Stephen Markan
IST SharePoint Coordinator

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