[Faccus] Eduroam certificate renewed December 13

Heather Wey heather.wey at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Dec 13 12:53:13 EST 2013

What is happening? IST Network Services renewed the Eduroam certificate this morning.

How does this impact me? The majority of devices are still staying connected, but we are aware of Apple devices (iOS and OS X) having to re-accept the certificate and re-authenticate on the network. If you run into these devices unable to connect, please forget the current network configuration and re-join the network.

Questions or concerns?  Please contact the IST Service Desk, helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca> or ext. 84357.

Heather Wey
IST Communications
Information Systems & Technology
University of Waterloo


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