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Bob Hicks bob.hicks at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Dec 10 16:28:52 EST 2013

Topic:     Linked Library Data
Date:      Friday December 13, 2013
Time:      9:00 am - 9:45 am
Room:      MC 2009
Speaker:   Alison Hitchens, UW Library
Linked data is a growing topic at library conferences. The library community is exploring ways to transition our current communications format for bibliographic records, MARC, to a linked data based format.  Additionally, the Library of Congress has released its subject headings, classification and name authorities as linked data for use by others.  Linked library data will allow libraries to benefit from other linked data projects and also contribute rich bibliographic data to the web. Alison will review linked data concepts, discuss why the library community is interested in linked data, and give examples of tools and prototypes in the libraries, archives and museums domain.

This presentation will not be webcasted/recorded.

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