[Faccus] planning to turn off 'MPDU Aggregation' on Wi-Fi

Bruce Campbell bruce at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Nov 21 17:01:04 EST 2013

MPDU Aggregation is an optimization that can bundle several Ethernet frames to the same destination into a single 802.11n frame.  We are planning to turn this off,  after receiving information, and conducting tests, that suggest MPDU Aggregation is not implemented correctly on certain Ubuntu drivers.  Additional information is here:


We think the loss of this optimization will have negligible and unnoticeable impact on equipment that supports the optimization correctly.   However, we believe it may address Ubuntu users challenges using eduroam.  Only 40% of Ubuntu users use eduroam, compared to 92% of other platforms.  Additional information on the Ubuntu issues is at http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/~bruce/linuxoneduroam.html

We'll let you know when the change has been made, and you can conduct tests on Ubuntu equipment, before we make a wider announcement.

Bruce Campbell
Director, Technology Integrated Services
Information Systems and Technology
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