[Faccus] NETWORK ALERT - 2013-10-08 - Maintenance - Wifi

mverlis at uwaterloo.ca mverlis at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Oct 7 13:21:45 EDT 2013

Description:     Maintenance - Wifi

Date: (YYYY-MM-DD)     2013-10-08

Start Time:              7:00

End Time:	8:00	



Submitted By: mverlis at uwaterloo.ca

Comment:        A new traffic shaper will be defined for wifi traffic that is staying on campus. (20M up and 20M down per user).  The traffic going off campus will continue to use the existing shapers.

No negative service impact is expected.

Notice Submitted:    Mon Oct 7 13:21:45 EDT 2013

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Note:   If you have any questions or concerns please contact the IST Help Desk at ext: 84357 or helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca

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