[Faccus] NETWORK ALERT - 2013-10-03 - DNS Latency

daldwinc at uwaterloo.ca daldwinc at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Oct 3 10:52:23 EDT 2013

Description:     DNS Latency

Date: (YYYY-MM-DD)     2013-10-03

Start Time:              

End Time:		

Impact:           Slow or failed name resolution


Submitted By: daldwinc at uwaterloo.ca

Comment:        Yesterday around 11:30 AM, IST identified and mitigated an issue that was having a performance impact on DNS:

The njabl.org (DNS Blackhole) was discontinued on March 01, 2013.  As part of the shutdown on April 29, 2013 the maintainers changed their DNS settings (NS Servers) to point to non-valid IP's.  This would fill up the recursive client buffer to the point of exhaustion.  This change is causing performance problem on campus. If you run a mailserver and use the njabl.org list, please remove it, it is causing DNS issues.

IST is currently investigating a second, unrelated issue. A support case has been opened with the vendor.

If you believe you are experiencing substandard DNS performance, please submit a support request to rt at uwaterloo.ca

Network Services

Notice Submitted:    Thu Oct 3 10:52:23 EDT 2013

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Note:   If you have any questions or concerns please contact the IST Help Desk at ext: 84357 or helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca

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