[Faccus] Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) upgrade - home and user-managed Windows workstations

Natasha Jennings njennings at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Sep 12 11:50:21 EDT 2013

What is happening: During the afternoon of September 12, the Information Systems & Technology (IST) department will auto-upgrade the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) client on home and user-managed Windows workstations. The Faculty or Staff SEP client obtained from IST's Download site has a feature that enables the local SEP application to be upgraded from the uW server.

A pop-up window will advise the user when the process will commence and should take about 15 minutes to upgrade.

During the upgrade: You may notice alerts from your Windows Action Centre (previously known as Windows Security Center) on the bottom right corner of your screen saying Symantec Endpoint Protection is turned off. This is normal during the upgrade process. Your System Tray Symantec icon (bottom right corner) will disappear and reappear.

After the upgrade: Once the upgrade has occurred your system will want a reboot, but this can be temporarily deferred. You can confirm your version by double-clicking the System Tray gold SEP shield, "Help and Support" button and select "About". When completed the client should be at version 12.1.3001.165.

For information about Symantec Endpoint Protection at uWaterloo see Symantec Endpoint Protection<http://windows.uwaterloo.ca/security/sep/sep.asp>. If your workstation is having trouble auto-upgrading see the Technical Notes section.

Natasha Jennings
IST Communications Officer
njennings at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:njennings at uwaterloo.ca>
519-888-4567 ext. 37951


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