[Faccus] SAS installation, reboots and use of passwords

Jennifer Keir jkeir at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Jun 26 10:54:29 EDT 2013

*Attention: *Anyone installing SAS

*What is happening? *The SAS installer may require a reboot in the 
middle of the installation and will ask for your userid and password to 
promote an automatic login. *Do not provide your userid and password. 
*SAS is removing the option for automatic logins from their installer 
script due to issues with the code.

*What should you do instead? *Cancel the installation, reboot the 
machine, and start again.

If you have repeating pending reboots, SAS has a helpful Kb article at 

If you have questions about this, please let me know.  I will also try 
to contact those who have recently purchased SAS from the CHIP.


Jennifer Keir
Client Services, IST
jkeir at uwaterloo.ca

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