[Faccus] Notice: Moving PDC and RID roles in Nexus

Dave Hinton dahinton at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Apr 12 14:10:41 EDT 2013

  Changing PDC and RID Roles to different DCs

Type of Change: (Normal(requires approval)/Standard(pre-approved)/Temporary/Emergency)

Risk: (High/Medium/Low)
    Low, there should be no impact to any users as a result of this change.

Date of Change: (YYYY-MM-DD)
   April 18th, 2013

 * There should be no impact as a result of this change.

Possible likelihood of impact:
  Very Low.

Impact of not making the change:
We cannot decommission old DC's in Nexus

Comment/Why Change/Resolution:
  We want to decommission Nausicaa and Eng2k both Windows 2003 DC's

  Move PDC Role to Chiron

  Move RID Role to Calypso

Has this been tested?
   This has been done numerous times in ADS and Nexus, when DC's are rebuilt.  There have been no impact when these occur.

Rollback Plan, if required:
  Leave roles on existing machines, or move them to another DC.

Originator's Name:   IST-CSS (Operations Staff)

Sponsor's Name (if not manager):    IST-CSS (Operations Manager) + Engineering Computing

Dave Hinton
Systems Integration Specialist
Information Systems and Technology
519-888-4567 x36710

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