[Faccus] preparing announcement re WiFi upgrades

Bruce Campbell bruce at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Mar 11 09:29:26 EDT 2013

Please review:


Comments, questions, suggestions, welcome.

I hope to send to Daily Bulletin editor for possible publication there.
I have alerted campus tech shop staff that many of their PC laptops
are single band, and they are reviewing. 

Please ask all help desk staff to take a moment to
review the above, and also this link http://wifi.uwaterloo.ca/user.html
which is included in the document, so that they are in a position to
assist users collecting the information to submit an RT, if needed.

Bruce Campbell
Director, Network Services
Information Systems and Technology
MC 1018
(519)888-4567 x38323
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

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