[Faccus] Update 5:45pm: Status of LEARN - site remains redirected, revised recovery time estimated within10pm to midnight

chappell at uwaterloo.ca chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Jan 30 18:26:38 EST 2013

[Wed. Jan. 30, 5:45pm update]
The changes anticipated to be complete by 6:00pm are not complete. The
revised finish time is estimated for between 10:00pm and midnight,
followed by a verification process.

The Waterloo LEARN system remains inaccessible during this time. Access to
the barely responsive system created many more problems for our faculty
and students (long wait times to access the system, if at all,
interruptions to most course functions making those functions unusable,
inability to access files, etc.).

We expect the next update at about 10pm. At this time the system has  for
27 hours. We will be seeking detailed explanations from D2L, as well as
their actions to prevent this from happening again.

> [Wed. Jan. 30, 3:30pm update]
> Hello,
> The message from D2L remains the same, that the expected up-time is 6pm.
Thanks to Pat Lafranier for enlisting the help of Jonathan Woodcock to
> for now a "Help with LEARN" button on the pathways pages on the Waterloo
website, to point to our LEARN update page, maintained by Daspina
> https://uwaterloo.ca/learn-help/
> Our next update from D2L is expected at 6pm and I will send a message
again then.
> Andrea
>> [Wed. Jan. 30, 12:30pm update]
>> (Apologies if you receive a second copy of this message. There appeared
> to
>> be a problem when I sent it the first time, and I want to make sure it
> gets out.)
>> Hello all,
>> I'm afraid the news is not good. D2L reports that they have received
> devices at the hosted site, to fix the problem. There were to be
configuration changes expected to finish at noon which have not
> completed.
>> They expect it to be completed by 6pm ET, which seems to imply that is
> when we will be back up. Our next update from D2L will be at 3:00pm.
Unless we hear anything more before then, that will be the time of our
next update.
>> Andrea
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> We asked D2L to redirect our site to a page that says the system is
>> unavailable. We have not had an update since the message at 8:07am, so
> still anticipate the system to be back by noon. We have asked that the
redirect page provide updated information, but cannot guarantee it.
>>> We will let you know as more information comes in.
>>> Andrea
>>>> Hello,
>>>> We have heard from Desire2Learn (8:07am) and have done some testing
>>> our
>>>> own. According to D2L, they have "partially implemented" their
>> solution.
>>> They caution that some sites may still see impacts. They "anticipate
>> steady improvement to normal performance" by noon today.
>>>> From our tests, Waterloo LEARN seems to be very slow for login and
>>> accessing files. (At about 7am it was performing well, but is not
>>>> We will keep you apprised as we hear more. Our sincere apologies for
>>> this
>>>> significant interruption. We will be pursuing detailed explanations
>> from
>>> D2L.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Andrea

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