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Good afternoon,

As requested by the GSO to support our MAC users, I am resending this email, originally sent in October 2012.


From: Marg Stephenson
Sent: October 11, 2012 2:28 PM
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Cc: Colin Clark; Tracey Sinclair; Wendy Irving; Saritha Racharla
Subject: Grad Reviewer Online Services Project (GROSP)

Good afternoon,

An online review environment in Quest, for graduate applications by faculty members, is scheduled to be implemented later this week.

This means that some faculty members will no longer be directly accessing OnBase to review their graduate applications.  Rather, they will log in to Quest and do their reviews there.

However, it is important to note that even though faculty members will be working in Quest, they will still be viewing documents that are stored in OnBase.  Faculty members will most likely not be aware that when doing their reviews in Quest that an interface exists behind the scenes which allows OnBase-stored documents to be viewed by them in Quest.  As such, some faculty members, depending on their platform and browser configuration, may still experience some issues when attempting to view some documents.

Should you have any questions about the implementation of the new online review environment in Quest, please contact me.

Should you have any questions about the issues that some faculty members may experience when attempting to view some documents, please contact Colin Clark, colin.clark at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:colin.clark at uwaterloo.ca>  (ext. 31344).  May I please ask that you do not refer faculty members to their department graduate coordinators, since the coordinators will most likely not be able to assist faculty members with platform/browser issues.

Below is information to assist you in supporting faculty who may experience problems:

*        JavaScript must be enabled in the browser being used

*        Pop-up windows must be allowed

*        If on a Mac using Firefox/Safari and when trying to open a PDF document a dialog appears referencing a file with an "ashx" extension:

o   can choose to use Adobe Acrobat reader (or another PDF reader if installed) to open the document

o   can install a browser PDF plugin (note that the Mozilla Labs PDF Viewer add-on does NOT work with OnBase; the Schubert|it plugin does work (choose academic use at the license agreement stage)

*        If on a Mac using Firefox/Safari and opening a PDF document opens a PDF reader but no document is displayed:

o   may have to remove the Mozilla Labs PDF viewer add-on (which exhibits these symptoms)

Please circulate this email as appropriate.  Thank you,

Margaret Stephenson, BMath
Information Systems and Technology
University of Waterloo
200 University Ave. W., MC6236
Waterloo, ON   N2L 3G1
519-888-4567 ext. 36460
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