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Pat Lafranier pllafranier at uwaterloo.ca
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Unfortunately, this issue is still ongoing and does include Apple's me.com email service too.
We do have a webpage on how to remove forwarding<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/istweb/change-email-forwarding.html> (thanks ACO!) in case someone needs this information.
Pat Lafranier, IST

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Subject: blocked Hotmail email accounts

Please note we are experiencing an issue with blocked Hotmail email accounts (includes live.com and msn.com).
With thanks to Dawn Keenan, ACO ...
The UW email servers are on Hotmail's blocked senders list because several people at UW have had their computer accounts broken into after they responded to "phishing" email designed to encourage them to give their
userid/password credentials to non-UW entities. These compromised accounts have been used to send a lot of spam and some external email providers like Hotmail have automatically blocked *all* email from UW servers because of the amount of spam sent from a few stolen accounts. The Hotmail service is particularly quick to block suspected spam ISPs, so students who choose to use a Hotmail account rather than the Mailservices account provided to all students are especially vulnerable to missing email sent to their official userid at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:userid at uwaterloo.ca> address.

Staff in IST are working to fix the blacklisting and spamming, and to implement measures to shut down misused accounts faster.

If there is information that needs to get out to all students, for now your best bet is to use the messaging system in Learn and announcements in lectures and tutorials. Messages which have been rejected by Hotmail are not automatically resent when the block is removed.

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