[Faccus] announcement going to instructors (Important information about e-classroom teaching this fall)

chappell at uwaterloo.ca chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Sep 6 10:02:52 EDT 2012

Hi Charlene, Jane, FACCUS members, and others,
Each term, or at least for fall and winter, just before the start of the
term, the IST-ITMS audio visual area sends information to instructors
about what is changing in the e-classroom environment. This term has been
a bit crazy, and we're just getting the message sent today, and it's a bit
longer than usual. I attach the file containing the information to be
sent. The topics are:
1. New or Revised E-classrooms
2. Podium Software Requests
3. iPad and other HDMI Devices
4. Keys and a Nexus Account
5. Portable AV equipment
6. Student Operators
7. Using Waterloo LEARN in the e-classroom
8. Copyright

This is just a heads up for you in case instructors ask you about topics
and also to let you know about the e-classroom changes. Thanks to Cheryl
Petrie for pulling together the information again this term!
Andrea, for the IST-ITMS team

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