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Hello everyone

The University of Waterloo has launched its new homepage at uwaterloo.ca<http://uwaterloo.ca/>.

The new homepage design supports the strategic objectives of the university. The design is based on a homepage content strategy<http://uwaterloo.ca/web-resources/news/new-homepage-information-session-slides-and-web-content-strategy-available> with each element of the design serving a strategic purpose. The homepage is implemented in the university's new web content management system<http://uwaterloo.ca/web-resources/wcms-users/migration-schedule-and-information/now-in-the-wcms>, called the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS).

User experience is a key part of the new homepage design, including compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level A. A key aim of the homepage is tohelp visitors get timely information about the university and to quickly connect visitors with content relevant to them in the university's web-space.

The homepage is managed by Communications & PublicAffairs, and involves collaboration with colleagues across the university; ongoing input and support are provided by Communications Council, Information Systems & Technology (the managers of the WCMS), and the Web Advisory Committee.  The new homepage will continually evolve to meet the university's strategic objectives and user needs based on research and analytics.

We would like to hear from you about our new homepage. Let us know your feedback via the online contact form<https://uwaterloo.ca/about/how-find-us/contact-waterloo/contact-form> on the About Waterloo<http://uwaterloo.ca/about> website.

Digital Initiatives Team, Communications & Public Affairs
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