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The CAS service is now operational. It was configured to use a 
round-robin DNS setup. That means sometimes it worked (when connecting 
to a server in MC) and sometimes it failed (when trying to connect to a 
server in PHY). We changed the configuration to get it working by 7:50am.

UW Plant Operations is on site and they tried to restart electrical 
power without success. I am told they are now waiting for parts and/or 
repair personnel.

There are also network outages related to areas in that proximity, 
affecting all Science and Optometry users.

On 26-Jul-2012 7:53 AM, Dave Wallace wrote:
> Thanks for the update Martin.  A few questions:
> - Any idea as to what happened and how long the power will be out?
> - Do they have a DR or BCP plan?
> - Are we assisting them with the recovery?
> Thanks, Dave
> Dave Wallace
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> The Sharcnet server room in PHY is without power.
> The CAS service (login authentication for a variety of services, the most important of which is LEARN) is affected. That service is split between MC and PHY site.
> Some development servers hosted in PHY are also down.
> More info as it becomes available.
> Martin

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