[Faccus] co-op students sought for LEARN (D2L) feedback sessions

chappell at uwaterloo.ca chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jul 13 14:17:40 EDT 2012

Hi again, everyone,
Thank you very much for your response! We now have 28 co-op students to
contact for the sessions so we don't require more. Jan Willwerth is
organizing this and will contact those co-ops, and their supervisors, to
set the focus group times, two of which should run on July 24th and 26th,
and one more to be set yet.

Your help is much appreciated.

> Hello everyone,
> The group that supports the learning management system, LEARN (based on
> Desire2Learn software), would like to hold student focus groups this
> summer to ask students for feedback on their use of LEARN and other
> aspects of their online learning experience. Your department likely hires
> co-op students and we would very much appreciate a bit of their time to
> take part in a focus group. We're anticipating about 2 hours of
> commitment.
> If you or someone in your area have co-op students working with you, and
> you would be willing to have them participate in a feedback session for
> about 2 hours, please contact me. I'm looking for the name and email of
> the student's supervisor so I can contact him/her directly, and from the
> supervisor, the name and email of the students so we can contact him/her
> to set up a suitable time for the session. We will apprise the supervisor
> of the times when we would like the student to take part.
> We expect to hold the feedback sessions in late July or early August with
> 10 to 12 students in each of two sessions (or more).
> Thank you for your time, and I hope you can help us! Please pass this
> email along to others if you know of areas with co-op (or other) students.
> Regards,
> Andrea Chappell (x33779, andrea.chappell at uwaterloo.ca)
> Director of Instructional Technologies and Multimedia Services, IST
>  on behalf of the Learning Environment Operations (LEO) group.

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