[Faccus] Congress 2012 conference: reminder regarding podium computer logins

Andrea Chappell chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Sun May 27 16:14:14 EDT 2012

Hello all,
This is just a reminder, after some experiences today, regarding the 
*podium computer logins*. The ".\" is REQUIRED with the username, as 
below (and as in the Volunteer Handbook). I understand the username is 
NOT case sensitive, but of course the password IS case sensitive.

Username: .\Congress2012
Password: Bigthinker!

Backup login account:
Username .\Congress2012a
Password: Bigthinker!

Also, a reminder the *wireless password* (or pre-shared key) for 
Congress2012 wireless is simply: bigthinker

Things seem to be going well at uWaterloo according to reports from 
Dwight Schmidt of IST-ITMS, who is coordinating a lot of the attendee 
A/V support and who is attending the twice-daily debrief meetings. He notes:
Clarification on shirt colours:
- Yellow (not sure if it's "danger yellow" :-)  for volunteers
- Blue for people employed by Congress (the Federation)

I watched a bit of the Big Thinker lecture today by the streamed video 
and it looked good so thanks to Scott Charles and Dianne Naughton for 
covering that. I also understand some quick response for some 
microphones to use in the PAC was much appreciated by Laurier, though I 
don't know who solved that one.

Thanks to everyone who's at the campus providing support today, and will 
continue this week!

On 5/25/2012 1:40 PM, Andrea Chappell wrote:
> Hello,
> Congress 2012 is upon us, at Waterloo and Laurier. Wouldn't it be nice 
> if our campus always had such useful signs for buildings ... and 
> washrooms!? :-)
> This is just a reminder for IT staff that there will be many, many 
> people around this weekend and next week (especially Monday - 
> Wednesday) during Congress 2012. There are IT and A/V staff and 
> volunteers involved, and they will be wearing very bright green 
> (called "danger green", I gather) T-shirts to identify themselves. You 
> may still be approached by delegates asking directions or other 
> questions, and hopefully you can help them. There is a guidebook for 
> volunteers that may be helpful, if you want to print it or at least 
> have access to it in case you can help a person lost or otherwise 
> needing help. It's 13M so I decided to put it on my web space rather 
> than include it in this email.
> http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/~chappell/The%20Congress%202012%20Volunteer%20Handbook.pdf 
> <http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/%7Echappell/The%20Congress%202012%20Volunteer%20Handbook.pdf>
> One of the most common questions the first days will likely be about 
> wireless! There is a special SSID set up for both campuses, 
> Congress2012. The pre-shared key (think of it as the password) is 
> "bigthinker" (without the quotes, of course).
> Also,
> The volunteer command centre is in South Campus Hall.
> There are building monitors, in Congress golf shirt t-shirts, and they 
> will have walkie-talkies back to the command centre.
> The organizers have put in a lot of effort to prepare, but despite 
> their efforts, there will be blips. The best advice I heard at the 
> organizing meetings was to remember, as the hosts, to focus on the 
> Congress attendees and making sure their stay is as pleasant and 
> trouble-free as possible, so solve their problems if you can, or try 
> to find someone who can. We can worry later about why and how things 
> might have gone wrong!
> Cheers,
> Andrea

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