[Faccus] Congress 2012 conference is here, May 26 - June 2: Notes for IT staff

Andrea Chappell chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Fri May 25 14:49:13 EDT 2012

Congress 2012 is upon us, at Waterloo and Laurier. Wouldn't it be nice 
if our campus always had such useful signs for buildings ... and 
washrooms!? :-)

This is just a reminder for IT staff that there will be many, many 
people around this weekend and next week (especially Monday - Wednesday) 
during Congress 2012. There are IT and A/V staff and volunteers 
involved, and they will be wearing very bright green (called "danger 
green", I gather) T-shirts to identify themselves. You may still be 
approached by delegates asking directions or other questions, and 
hopefully you can help them. There is a guidebook for volunteers that 
may be helpful, if you want to print it or at least have access to it in 
case you can help a person lost or otherwise needing help. It's 13M so I 
decided to put it on my web space rather than include it in this email.

One of the most common questions the first days will likely be about 
wireless! There is a special SSID set up for both campuses, 
Congress2012. The pre-shared key (think of it as the password) is 
"bigthinker" (without the quotes, of course).

The volunteer command centre is in South Campus Hall.
There are building monitors, in Congress golf shirt t-shirts, and they 
will have walkie-talkies back to the command centre.

The organizers have put in a lot of effort to prepare, but despite their 
efforts, there will be blips. The best advice I heard at the organizing 
meetings was to remember, as the hosts, to focus on the Congress 
attendees and making sure their stay is as pleasant and trouble-free as 
possible, so solve their problems if you can, or try to find someone who 
can. We can worry later about why and how things might have gone wrong!

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