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No firm date has been established yet but IST CSS (Computing Systems Services) will be approving IE9 sometime in the next couple of weeks. As per our regular convention it will be deployed to the Vanguard group first. NOTE: IE9 is not applicable to XP but is available for (in both 32 and 64 bit flavours):

Server 2008, Server 2008 R2

One of the challenges with Microsoft's browser is ensuring that it works with various software including the university's corporate applications. A very big thank-you to Ravindri Kulatunga of IST's Information Systems group who coordinated the certification efforts for the corporate applications.

"As of Monday 14-May, 22 out of 23 Admin Apps had given the 'Go Ahead' to deploy IE9.

The problematic one is InfoEd, which Connie informs me that could not be self-certified and not got vendor support for IE9.   They firmly want to stay with IE8 with no particular timeline in the horizon for moving to IE 9."

For clients of the campus WSUS service who wish to block the delivery of IE9 there is a Microsoft Blocker Toolkit. For managed computers in ADS or Nexus that use InfoEd CSS is looking as delivering the block fix to workstations that require it.

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