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Topic:     Software Carpentry
Date:      Friday May 11, 2012
Time:      9:00 am to 9:45 am
Room:      MC 2009
Speaker:   Chris Gray, Systems Analyst, UW Library

Chris  recently attended a Software Carpentry boot camp and is still participating in continuing online sessions. Chris will  be describing his experiences and drumming up interest for holding a boot camp at uWaterloo in the near future.

Here's a brief summary of Software Carpentry:

Since 1998, Software Carpentry has taught scientists and engineers the skills and tools they need to use computing more productively. We have found that a few days of training can save researchers a day a week for the rest of their professional lives, and also improve the quality of their computational work. We are running two-day workshops at selected institutions, followed by 4-8 weeks of self-paced online learning. The workshops cover the core skills a researcher needs to know in order to be productive in a small team:

  *   using the shell to do more in less time
  *   using version control to manage and share information
  *   basic Python programming
  *   how (and how much) to test programs
  *   working with relational databases
The online follow-up goes into these topics in more detail, and also touches on program design and construction, matrix programming, using spreadsheets in a disciplined way, data management, and software development lifecycles. For more information, please see http://software-carpentry.org.
May and June seminars<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/istweb/profdev/profdev.html>

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