[Faccus] Update regarding Congress 2012 conference at Waterloo and Laurier, May 26 - June 2

Andrea Chappell chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Apr 20 15:19:20 EDT 2012

Most of you likely are not directly involved with Congress 2012, 
http://congress2012.ca/, but since it is such a large and high profile 
event, I will pass along this update from a meeting at Laurier on 
Tuesday. Perhaps the most salient general note is the maximum 
participant per day expectation was ~6500, and is now more like ~8500. 
That's a large leap. We're going to see a lot of people across campus, 
and you may even get asked questions by participants, though volunteers 
and paid staff will be supporting IT and presentation needs.

Classrooms in various buildings at Waterloo and Laurier will be used for 
the conference. Volunteers and staff working with the conference will 
support those and related IT questions. Helpers will be wearing neon 
yellow t-shirts, so should be easy to spot! Various classrooms in these 
buildings have been booked for use.
AL, CPH, DWE, E2, EV1, EV2, EV3, HH, Coutts, MC, ML, PHY, PAS, DC

Wireless - There will be an SSID of Congress2012 with a common password 
(which Bruce Campbell of IST has requested set up).
Eduroam - Participants from universities that support Eduroam will be 
able to access this at uWaterloo.
Computer access - We are directing people, when at uWaterloo, to the 
Library public access stations. Carl Nagel tells me the Library plans to 
be open earlier on the weekends and to have the Browsers Coffee Shop 
open as well.

As a reminder, here are ways in which you could be impacted, and could 
also take part.
- Lots of wireless use!
- A lot of conference folks, possibly asking questions of you.
- Opportunities for your co-ops to volunteer, if you are willing to have 
them take part. Their IT and or A/V knowledge, and familiarity with the 
buildings and campus, would certainly be helpful. (See more: 
http://www.arts.uwaterloo.ca/congress2012, and click on Volunteer and or 
on Employment.)

If you have questions, ...
... about wireless for the conference, please contact Bruce Campbell 
<campbell at uwaterloo.ca> <mailto:campbell at uwaterloo.ca>.
... about a/v and e-classrooms, please contact Andrea Chappell 
<chappell at uwaterloo.ca> <mailto:chappell at uwaterloo.ca>.
... about the conference logistics, or would like to offter your co-ops 
as volunteers, please contact Sheldon Pereira, the conference planning 
manager <spereira at wlu.ca> <mailto:spereira at wlu.ca>.

Finally, the twitter hashtag for Congress is congress2012.

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