[Faccus] problems accessing LEARN (D2L) - following up with D2L

Andrea Chappell chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Apr 19 17:55:17 EDT 2012

As many of you may b aware already, our LEARN site is back up. It was 
actually up before 4:00pm but I was away at an appointment off campus 
when that became certain, so sorry for the late notice.

On 4/19/2012 2:50 PM, Andrea Chappell wrote:
> Hello again,
> We heard D2L is replacing a core networking switch, and expects the 
> access problem to be solved by 5:30pm.
> Those of you who sent email to instructors may wish to send them this 
> update, with apologies it is so hot on the heels of the one I just 
> asked you to send! I think more information is better than none in 
> this case.
> I will email again only to provide an updated estimate if the repair 
> time has changed, or to indicate the system is restored.
> Andrea
> On 4/19/2012 2:14 PM, Andrea Chappell wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> D2L's email facility is slow in sending so we are getting their 
>> updates in a rather delayed manner. We have been on the phone too, 
>> but we don't know much more than the updates tell us. The problem is 
>> with networking at the site. It appears to have started at 11:35am 
>> today. They have people working on it. That's as much as we know, and 
>> have no estimate as yet as to a resolution time. I'll send more news 
>> as we receive any significant updates.
>> We posted the announcement to LEARN, but that's not particularly 
>> effective since many people are not able to access it, or receive 
>> errors when they do. We are not able to effect a "redirect" because 
>> we do not control the site. We have recommended to D2L support that 
>> if the outage is to continue, if they can put in place a redirect, do 
>> so, and that page would indicate to people that the site is down.
>> Andrea
>> On 4/19/2012 1:28 PM, Andrea Chappell wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> You may be hearing from your constituents of a problem on LEARN this 
>>> afternoon. While you can eventually get to the system, it is very 
>>> (unusably) slow. I have not yet managed to post an announcement, but 
>>> the text of what I will put up is copied below. We will follow up 
>>> with another message when we know more, or when it seems resolved. 
>>> We are not the only ones affected, as Laurier seems to have 
>>> problems, and the D2L site itself seems to be unavailable. Not good 
>>> news.
>>> "LEARN is experiencing very slow response because of problems at the 
>>> hosting facility. We are awaiting an explanation and a resolution 
>>> from Desire2Learn. We apologize for this inconvenience and have 
>>> raised the problem of multiple recent outages with them."
>>> Andrea

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