[Faccus] Problems with Waterloo LEARN (Desire2Learn learning management system) since at least 11:15PM last night

Andrea Chappell chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Apr 5 08:47:13 EDT 2012

We received notices during the night that a file server problem on the 
D2L hosting site caused problems with our (and other) D2L services. 
While LEARN may be available at times, there are errors at login at 
times and in accessing services once logged in.

D2L's last message, at 8:19AM, indicated the failed disk had been 
rebuilt, but that other issues associated with it have been found so 
they continue to work on it. I have a message in to them as to whether 
it makes sense to make the whole LEARN site unavailable (with a 
message!), rather than have it sometimes there, sometimes not, with errors.

I'll send another message once we know things are resolved.

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