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In order to facilitate the campus migration to the NEXUS Active Directory, the Exchange Server environment (Connect) will be switching from ADS authentication to NEXUS authentication. After the change, people using Connect will need to use their NEXUS username and password to access their account. This change is scheduled to take place on the evening of Tuesday, March 27th.

For those using Connect, the impact of this change will vary depending upon (1) the software used to access email and calendar and (2) the normal login domain of the client's workstation. For many, the change will be transparent but, for others, some action will be required on the client's behalf to resume normal service. Many non-Blackberry mobile devices will require a change in the Connect account settings after the change to NEXUS authentication is complete. Email and calendar functions can be accessed through OWA (https://connect.uwaterloo.ca) until configuration changes are made.

Email will be sent to all Connect accounts on Tuesday, March 20th advising them of the pending changes and providing links to resources for more information. A reminder email will be sent on the day of the changeover, Tuesday, March 27th. Those with mobile devices that require a configuration change will be sent email identifying the affected device(s) and providing instructions on how to make those changes.

More details can be found in the document located at: http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cesc/documents/connect-2-Nexus-Summary.html

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either myself or Martin Timmerman (mtimm at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:mtimm at uwaterloo.ca>).


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