[Faccus] Heads up regarding large conference at Waterloo and Laurier, May 26 - June 2

Andrea Chappell chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Mar 6 14:45:29 EST 2012

Hello Faculty IT members, CTSC, and UCIST,
In case you have not heard, a large conference, Congress 2012, 
http://congress2012.ca/, is coming to uWaterloo and WLU from May 26 to 
June 2, bringing 7,000 attendees. There is a logistics/organizing group, 
led by Laurier grad, Sheldon Pereira. The conference sessions will be 
held in classrooms here and at WLU. The list of Waterloo buildings is 
included below. Obviously there will be disruptions to classroom use 
(already taken care of through Scheduling).
AL, CPH, DWE, E2, EV1, EV2, EV3, HH, Coutts, MC, ML, PHY, PAS, DC

Here are ways in which you could be impacted, and could also take part.
- Lots of wireless use! :-)
- A lot of conference folks, possibly asking questions of you.
- Potential opportunities for your co-ops to volunteer, if you are 
willing to have them take part. They would certainly be helpful given 
they likely have IT and or A/V knowledge, and are familiar with the 
buildings and campus. (See more: 

IST has been involved in planning wireless access and support for 
e-classroom and a/v needs. The conference will hire some staff and also 
ask for volunteers to help conference attendees move around our 
campuses, to provide IT and A/V support, and otherwise be as helpful, 
welcoming and accommodating as possible.

If you have questions about wireless for the conference, please contact 
Bruce Campbell <campbell at uwaterloo.ca> <mailto:campbell at uwaterloo.ca>.
If you have questions about a/v and e-classrooms, please contact Andrea 
Chappell <chappell at uwaterloo.ca> <mailto:chappell at uwaterloo.ca>.
If you have questions about the conference logistics, or would like to 
volunteer your co-ops, please contact Sheldon Pereira <spereira at wlu.ca> 
<mailto:spereira at wlu.ca>.

More information will come as the date approaches.
Andrea Chappell, IST
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