[Faccus] Trust between Connect and Nexus removed

Jennifer Keir jkeir at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Jan 11 15:24:37 EST 2012

As part of the ADS and NEXUS amalgamation, we've been experimenting
with trusts between the active directories.  I thought this email might
be useful to you.  If you see problems, please let us know
(request at uwaterloo.ca).  We'll try to keep you informed of future changes.

Client Services, IST

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Hi there,

Just a heads up that we have removed the trust between Nexus and Connect 
that was established January 5^th .

While we know we need to go here eventually, the presence of the trust 
and SID history allowed existing Nexus Outlook users to authenticate to 
Connect using their Nexus credentials before their accounts were 
configured to use these credentials. Initial reports indicated that 
email worked just fine and we thought “Great! No more login prompts for 
our Nexus-based clients.” However, we’ve had a number of reports from 
people who have logged in this way that they can no longer see calendar 
free/busy time or mail tips. A number of work-arounds to fix the problem 
were discussed but were found to be unsatisfactory.

So, in order to prevent this authentication from occurring, we have 
removed the trust until we devise a strategy that better serves our 
Nexus-based clients during the transition.


Trevor Bain, IST
University of Waterloo
519-888-4567 x33738
etbain at uwaterloo.ca <mailto:etbain at uwaterloo.ca>

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