[Faccus] WatITis 2011

Lowell Williamson llwilliamson at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Nov 4 13:37:51 EDT 2011

On behalf of the WatITis 2011 Committee<https://strobe.uwaterloo.ca/watitis/watitis.2011/info.php>, we are pleased to announce that WatITis 2011 will be open for registration starting Friday, November 4th (today).

Please visit: http://watitis.uwaterloo.ca

We apologize if you receive this message more than once. This message is being sent through various campus group mailing lists, your departmental mailing list and the WatITis list. If you would like to continue to receive our mailings, please verify you are on our mailing list by visiting:


Please feel free to forward this message to others on campus who would be interested.

Committee Members:


Ed Chrzanowski

Pascal Calarco

Cathy Cooper

Richard Crispin

Allan Fleming

Elaine Martin

Carlos Mendes

Kevin Paxman

Terry Stewart


Lowell Williamson

Jeff Dunnett

Tim Farrell

Carrie Howells

Jenn Laughlin

Keith McGowan

Bernie Rutter

Ray White


Lowell L. Williamson
AHS IT Specialist
WatITis 2011 Conference Co-chair
University of Waterloo
BMH 2111 ext. 32326

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