[Faccus] Webinar from Bomgar: Transforming Your Customer Support Experience with a Collaborative Support Model

William Lewis rwlewis at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Aug 23 10:21:47 EDT 2011

Please consider coming to a webinar on Thursday August 25 at 12pm in MC-2009. This is information from Bomgar (the provider of our remote support appliance) on moving to web-based support. I thought it might be of interest given previous discussions about helpdesks on campus.

There will also be a recorded version available after the session.


R. William Lewis
Computing Consultant
Client Services - Information System & Technology
University of Waterloo

519-888-4567 x36422

From: Bomgar [mailto:Research at Bomgar.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 8:19 AM
To: William Lewis
Subject: Spotlight Series: Transforming Your Customer Support Experience with a Collaborative Support Model

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Bomgar Spotlight
Transforming Your Customer Support Experience
to a Web-Based Assisted Support Model
<http://www.bomgar.com/webinarseries/webinar-registration.aspx?t=Transform%20Support%20with%20a%20Collaborative%20Model&d=August%2025%20at%2012pm%20EDT&live=70130000000M27n&recorded=70130000000M287&account=0013000000Jucs8&owner=00530000000cjVJ>[Description: Image removed by sender. Register Now]<http://www.bomgar.com/webinarseries/webinar-registration.aspx?t=Transform%20Support%20with%20a%20Collaborative%20Model&d=August%2025%20at%2012pm%20EDT&live=70130000000M27n&recorded=70130000000M287&account=0013000000Jucs8&owner=00530000000cjVJ><http://www.bomgar.com/webinarseries/webinar-registration.aspx?t=Transform%20Support%20with%20a%20Collaborative%20Model&d=August%2025%20at%2012pm%20EDT&live=70130000000M27n&recorded=70130000000M287&account=0013000000Jucs8&owner=00530000000cjVJ>

Dear William,

In this session, we will explore how you can leverage your existing Bomgar solution to transition from traditional support methods to web-based solutions like chat and secure remote diagnostics. Customers who have moved to a web-based assisted support model have seen support productivity improve by up to 30%, reduction in overall costs by 50%, and improved customer satisfaction by 15%. If you have been considering the move to a more collaborative support model, we encourage you to join this webinar where you will learn best practices for making the transition so that both customers and users can successfully adapt to the change.

Who should attend?

Directors of IT, support administrators, and representatives who are looking for tips to create a smooth transition to web-based assisted support.


August 25 - 9am EDT<http://www.bomgar.com/webinarseries/webinar-registration.aspx?t=Transform%20Support%20with%20a%20Collaborative%20Model&d=August%2025%20at%209am%20EDT&live=70130000000M27n&recorded=70130000000M287&account=0013000000Jucs8&owner=00530000000cjVJ>
August 25 - 12pm EDT<http://www.bomgar.com/webinarseries/webinar-registration.aspx?t=Transform%20Support%20with%20a%20Collaborative%20Model&d=August%2025%20at%2012pm%20EDT&live=70130000000M27n&recorded=70130000000M287&account=0013000000Jucs8&owner=00530000000cjVJ>

What you'll learn:

  *   How collaborative support differentiates itself from other support types
  *   Why collaborative support improves efficiencies within your IT support system
  *   Best practices for making the transition
     *   Focusing on Average Speed of Answer
     *   Using Analytics and Reporting
     *   Educating Customers and Users
     *   Training your Representatives and Management
  *   How Bomgar Professional Services can help

Register now<http://www.bomgar.com/webinarseries/webinar-registration.aspx?t=Transform%20Support%20with%20a%20Collaborative%20Model&d=August%2025%20at%2012pm%20EDT&live=70130000000M27n&recorded=70130000000M287&account=0013000000Jucs8&owner=00530000000cjVJ> for the live webinar, or to receive the recorded version after the webinar.

Best regards,

Natalie Salser
Director, Customer Marketing
nsalser at bomgar.com<mailto:nsalser at bomgar.com>

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