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Sandra Laughlin laughlin at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Aug 18 15:33:46 EDT 2011

Here is a new program from SAS to make you aware of. Please pass it onto anyone in your area that you think may be interested.

This email is to make you aware of a no-cost support program, offered by SAS Canada.  The SAS Academic Program will ship 2 SAS books each semester to any professor or researcher using SAS software, all at zero cost to the instructor.  The SAS Publishing Group has hundreds of great titles to choose from.

If you are an instructor using SAS and would like to take advantage of this program, please submit your order here: http://support.sas.com/publishing/survey/evalcopy_07.html

Sandra Laughlin
License Coordinator
University of Waterloo
519-888-4567 x32014
laughlin at uwaterloo.ca

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