[Faccus] CommVault Technology Presentation at the University of Waterloo

Tom Serviss tserviss at math.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jun 14 05:31:41 EDT 2011

Reminder Notice:


This technical presentation by CommVault is happening this morning.  It
should prove to be very technical in nature and informative, and I hope you
can join us.





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Subject: CommVault Technology Presentation at the University of Waterloo


Please feel free to join us next Tuesday, June 14st from 10 to 12, in room
DC1302, where CommVault will present a technical overview of their products
and solutions as described below.   


This technology session lead by CommVault will review how their modern and
unique approach to data management is helping organizations efficiently
manage data growth, reduce CAPEX/OPEX costs by 30%+, reduce risk by
simplifying data management functions and provide analytics to drive more
value from their information.


CommVault offers innovative software and service solutions that help
simplify data management, enhance compliance operations and reduce data
management costs.  CommVault software employs enterprise feature sets for
Backup, Archive, Replication, Resource Management, and Search, built from
the ground up on a single unifying code base and platform.  Modules are also
component-based and can leveraged independently to accelerate ROI for
specific use cases such as; remote office/campus de-duplication and
protection, e-Discovery, large scale virtualized environment protection,
critical application availability, and disaster recovery.


Agenda for CommVault's Presentation: 


1)      High Level Overview of CommVault

2)      Common data protection/data management challenges today 

3)      Why legacy solutions aren't working

4)      How CommVault is helping customers better address these challenges
through our modern data management platform 

5)      Protection of Virtual infrastructure

6)      Net App integration

7)      Microsoft integration 

8)      Desktop/Laptop protection

9)      Reporting and Analytics, Chargeback, Improving storage efficiency
and utilization  

10)   DR, Cross department/campus replication



Tom Serviss

Technical Manager 

Mathematics Faculty Computing Facility

University of Waterloo

200 University Ave, West

Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G1


Phone: 519 888-4567 x36178

Mobile: 519 497-4250


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