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At the last FACCUS meeting I talked about collaborating on a list of core services that all helpdesks on campus should provide. I would appreciate receiving one list from each faculty, from the Library, and from Housing. Once we have a list, each helpdesk can identify the services they lack and arrange for training. The next step after this, is to identify helpdesks that offer specialized services that all students may wish to know about. There may be services that some helpdesks provide that are only relevant to the students in their faculty or area, and that can be communicated by the helpdesk to the clients they support.

Please send me your suggestions for the core list by Friday May 20th. I will share this list, solicit feedback, and make adjustments if necessary. We can sign off on the list at the next FACCUS meeting.

Students at the Student Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) have expressed an interest in a centralized helpdesk that offers one stop shopping. The plan is to setup an IT helpdesk as part of the student success office. With tools like Movi and Bomgar we can strive to make our campus helpdesks a one stop shopping experience as best we can. But, a first step is to ensure all helpdesks offer the core services. Another feature that the STAC members really liked was the ability to chat with a helpdesk person using their keyboard so they don't have to go anywhere for help. Housing and the Libray already offer a chat experience. It was interesting that some students at STAC didn't know their faculty had a helpdesk, let alone know where it was. Providing information at events like orientation is a good place to start and catch most first year students. We have information on our web pages about helpdesks, but surprisingly many students don't look there.



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