[Faccus] SharePoint System Update: Monday December 20

Stephen Markan smarkan at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Dec 13 10:09:00 EST 2010


The long awaited SharePoint update from the Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) version of SharePoint to SharePoint Foundation 2010 will take place on Monday December 20, 2010. The last test migration showed no site errors in the databases, and now that the excitement of the Bookit migration has been absorbed - time for another change!

SharePoint will be down on December 20 starting at 8:00 am. Everything in SharePoint will be backed up and then the data from the WSS server will be migrated to the SharePoint Foundation 2010 system. SharePoint is scheduled to be down all of December 20. The new server should be completed for late afternoon of December 20.

There will be no change in URLs - the server will continue to be called sharepoint.uwaterloo.ca and sites will still be at: https://sharepoint.uwaterloo.ca/sites/YOURSITE

For most SharePoint users there will be no immediate or visible change. SharePoint sites can be updated by Site Administrators to the new "2010 Look" via the SITE ACTIONS menu. All site settings, permissions and security settings will be maintained by the migration.

After the migration if you note anything unexpected in SharePoint please submit a report to request at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:request at uwaterloo.ca> noting SHAREPOINT in your subject line. We will try to get to any questions and concerns as soon as possible.

Stephen Markan


smarkan at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:smarkan at uwaterloo.ca><mailto:smarkan at uwaterloo.ca>

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