[Faccus] FW: An Exchange account has been created for you

William Lewis rwlewis at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Nov 25 15:12:26 EST 2010

The following message went out today to Bookit users who have just received new Exchange accounts with email redirected. Please note that the rules that have been setup can be modified only from the Outlook Web App (via a web browser). They cannot be manipulated properly with Outlook.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: William Lewis [mailto:rwlewis at uwaterloo.ca]
> Sent: November-25-10 3:06 PM
> To: Bookit Users without Exchange accounts
> Subject: An Exchange account has been created for you
> An account has been created for you on the Exchange server (connect) in
> order for you to use Exchange Calendar. We are assuming that you will
> continue to process email with your current account indicated on
> WatIAM. Your Exchange account has two rules set up to ensure that email
> is redirected to your main email account.
> If you decide at any time in the future to use connect for email, or if
> you need to activate a Blackberry on Exchange, you will need to turn
> off these rules. Please follow our instructions to ensure that you do
> not lose any email in the process of deactivating the rules:
> http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/exchange/calendar/istrules.html.
> You should now be able to login to the account at
> http://connect.uwaterloo.ca using your WatIAM/ADS user name and
> password. If you cannot login to connect, try logging into WatIAM User
> Access first by visiting http://watiam.uwaterloo.ca.
> Please don't start booking other people or try to book rooms on
> Exchange before December 13. Please continue using Bookit until
> December 10. It remains the official shared calendaring system.
> Additional documentation and training materials are available at
> http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/exchange/calendar. Please see your local
> technical support staff if you experience any difficulties, or submit a
> request by emailing request at uwaterloo.ca.
> William Lewis

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