[Faccus] heads-up: changes for Connect users - Thursday, August 26

Pat Lafranier pllafranier at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Aug 24 09:11:21 EDT 2010

>From Trevor Bain, IST...

Over the summer, IST has been preparing to move Connect email accounts onto Exchange 2010 starting in the Fall. On the morning of Thursday, August 26th, the front-end servers (client access) for Connect will be moved over to two Exchange 2010 servers located behind a load balancing switch. This change will affect how clients connect to the Exchange servers to retrieve mail; mail will continue to be delivered to the current mailbox during the switch-over.

What to expect on Thursday morning:
Since the switch-over depends upon DNS updates, the timing of the change on any particular workstation is difficult to determine but it should take place shortly after the DNS updates are made (around 7:15am). Any open (logged on) client connections will need to be re-established when the change occurs - Outlook, Web and IMAP clients will need to re-authenticate.

The change that most clients will notice is related to the Outlook Web App login screen. Outlook web email will be served initially from the Exchange 2010 servers and will present the Exchange 2010 orange-themed login screen. After login, the familiar blue-themed Exchange 2007 user-interface will be served. More details are available on the IST Notice Board (http://strobe.uwaterloo.ca/blogs/ist_notice_board/2010/08/16/changes-to-outlook-web-access-exchange-web-based-email-on-aug-24/).

On the client side, we have tested: Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Thunderbird, Entourage 2008, Mac Mail and various Active Sync devices. There may be some clients that do not respond seamlessly to the change and may need to be reconfigured with new settings.

Please report issues via the IST Request Tracker (request at ist.uwaterloo.ca<mailto:request at ist.uwaterloo.ca>).

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