[Faccus] IT implications related to April 24/25 utilities shutdown

Bob Hicks bjhicks at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Apr 20 13:00:24 EDT 2010

Good Afternoon,

The power outage from Saturday April 24th at 4 pm to Sunday April 25th at 8 pm has been well advertised in the Daily Bulletin,  and in notices sent from Plant Operations and the Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost.  This email will summarize the status of IT services during the outage.

Many IT services will continue to be available including most UW websites.

IST will have an emergency generator providing power to the servers on the first floor of the MC building. IST will plan to provide all production level services of web server, email, SharePoint, Quest, UW-ACE, DNS, DHCP and many other applications.

In order to reduce load, IST plans to shut down all test and development servers for the weekend. These specific servers are mostly used by IST staff and campus users on projects with IST.

We do understand that the MC building will be locked and off limits to our staff. If a failure happens which we cannot resolve externally, we will not be allowed to enter the building to resolve the problem.

Note: not all campus websites and email will work. UW has distributed computing facilities in the faculties and departmental units. Those hosted in the buildings without power will not operate.

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