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Allan Fleming afleming at sciborg.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Oct 1 09:19:03 EDT 2009

I wouldn't say "love", but I didn't see anything wrong with the 
concept ;)

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On Wed, 30 Sep 2009, Jason Testart wrote:

> For some time now, there have been the occasional discussions around the
> idea of sponsored guest access to the wireless network.  There has been
> some recent discussion at CNAG on the topic, and Engineering Computing
> came up with a "GuestUser" prototype.  This inspired me to document my
> thoughts on how wireless authentication should work.  The concept I have
> is a "NetID", and is documented as a specification here:
>   https://strobe.uwaterloo.ca/~twiki/bin/view/ISTITSec/NetIDConcept
> There are still some unanswered questions but I thought the timing is
> right to share my ideas.  I have asked the security working group and
> CNAG for feedback, but so far I have received none.  It must mean they
> love it, right? ;-)
> Before raising my idea again at a CNAG meeting, I would like to get some
> feedback from this group to get a feel for the perceived impact on
> helpdesks if such an idea were implemented.  My sense is that there
> would be some short-term pain moving to a new system but in the long
> term things would be better for everyone.
> I would appreciate if you could take some time to read it over and share
> your thoughts on the supportability of the NetID concept.
> Thanks!
> jt
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