[Faccus] MinUWet now in advisory mode

Jason Testart jatestart at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Sep 8 16:17:39 EDT 2009

There has been a known problem with MinUWet, for several months now, 
where it has problems detecting A/V software on 64-bit Windows.  The 
problem results in the these computers failing MinUWet even though they 
meet the security requirements.

Given the large number of users that have arrived on campus with 64-bit 
Windows systems, MinUWet is now in advisory mode (effective approx. 
16:05 today).  This means that users will still be directed to run 
MinUWet, but they will be granted 'premium access' regardless of the result.

We will advise further when a fix has been developed and tested.



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