[Faccus] IST Professional Development Seminar

Robert J H Hicks bjhicks at uwaterloo.ca
Tue May 5 09:00:37 EDT 2009

Topic:     Synchronous Web Conferencing/Collaboration - project to investigate a campus service
Date:      Friday May 8
Time:      9:00 am - 9:45 am
Location:  Your Office
Speakers:  Koorus Bookan (IST), David Bean (DCE), Andrea Chappell (IST)

A new project is in the making (the charter isn't quite finalized yet) to investigate providing a campus service for "synchronous web conferencing/collaborations". In our seminar we will describe what we mean by this type of service, talk about the project objectives (as drafted so far), and overview two services already in use on campus: ePresence (IST) and Adobe Connect (both Management of Technology and AHS researchers have systems installed, and ODAA uses an externally hosted instance).

Since these are early days for the project, we see this seminar as an opportunity to gather input about interest in this type of facility, and learn whether there are other campus instances that we haven't even heard of yet. If you are aware of a system in use, or if you want to let us know of your interest, we will invite comments during the session or email in advance <chappell at uwaterloo.ca><mailto:chappell at uwaterloo.ca> if you can't attend.

You may have participated in "webinars" using a synchronous web conferencing or collaboration system. For this Friday's seminar we'll use the ePresence web conferencing system to webcast this seminar, so you can view it from the comfort of your own office! This is appropriate to the topic, but also we had to clear out MC2009 for another use on Friday :-)

A link for the webinar will be sent later in the week, so stay tuned!

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