[Faccus] IST Professional Development Seminar

Robert J H Hicks bjhicks at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Mar 3 15:25:48 EST 2009

Topic:     Two Topics:

1. Online Learning Environment

2. Exchange Calendar
Date:      Friday March 6
Time:      9:00 am - 9:45 am
Room:      MC 2009
Speakers:  Topic 1: Andrea Chappell; Topic 2: Bob Hicks, Will Lewis

UW has used ANGEL as its learning management system (LMS) for almost five years, during which time there's been lots of change outside of LMSes, and maybe not so much inside them. Is an LMS the best environment? What are the options? The Online Learning Environment Review Project began last fall, and will report to UCIST in May or June on its findings. The project team is reviewing ANGEL's fit for UW's online course needs, renewing our knowledge of competitor learning management systems (LMS) and other online learning tools, and getting input from the campus community on aspects they consider important for the online learning environment. Meanwhile, as we think about change, we know (and are often reminded!) that a change in LMS would be a serious undertaking, to be pursued only if the advantages are compelling. Andrea will update us on the project.

A project has been underway to determine if Exchange Calendar would be a suitable replacement for Oracle Calendar (Bookit).  The project team has been investigating the functionality of Exchange Calendar using both the desktop and web client.  Bob will talk about feedback obtained in a campus survey about electronic calendaring, summarize some of the gaps between Bookit and Exchange Calendar, and talk about next steps. For those that have never seen Exchange Calendar, Will Lewis will demonstrate both the desktop and web client.

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