[Faccus] Graduate Admissions System Implementation - Support

Derek Kirkland kirkland at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Dec 9 16:40:58 EST 2008

The support model for Graduate Admissions and related use of the new
Document Management System in production is as follows:

For all UW faculty and staff, the following is the defined multi-tiered
support model:

1. ADS signon issues will be handled through help desks in the faculties and
IST. The most common issue will be the user not using their UWDir ADS

If the help desk finds that the issue is not an ADS userid/password problem,
they can redirect the problem report to the next tier (noted in #3).

2. Faculty/departmental workstation issues for centrally-managed
workstations (specifically deployment of Active X for PCs and JRE for Macs)
are the responsibility of the Faculty/Department/School computer support
groups. For self-managed workstations, the support groups will need to
assist the workstation owner, as appropriate. 

This will be mainly issues with the deployment of Active X controls for PCs.
Relatively new Macs that are kept current will have the appropriate JRE
software already loaded from Apple. 

We will need to supply a list of probable error messages so that we can
inform users of the conditions that indicate a probable workstation
deployment problem. Further information / discussion will be forthcoming
very shortly. 

If the faculty computer support group finds that the issue is not a
workstation problem, they can redirect the problem report to the next tier
(noted in #3). 

3. Functional issues with graduate admission applications within the context
of Quest and within the context of the new Document Management System will
be logged in a new request tracker queue that is specialized for graduate
admissions issues only. 

The new request tracker queue to select is "GradAdm", if the user is signing
into Request Tracker. 
If the problem report is sent by email, it should go to
rt-GradAdm at rt.uwaterloo.ca. Both GSO and IST personnel will monitor the
GradAdm request tracker queue and will assign appropriate resources to
address documented problems. 

The request tracker queue is being used to allow us to better manage problem

Note that problems with Quest (where not related to Graduate Admissions) are
still to be reported to the "Quest" request tracker queue
(rt-Quest at rt.uwaterloo.ca).  

4. If the GSO and/or IST personnel monitoring the GradAdm request tracker
queue determine that the problem is a technical one for IST development
personnel, they will redirect the request to the SISP request tracker queue.

We ask that problem reports not be sent directly to the SISP queue as it
circumvents the necessary functional assessment of the problem.

5. GSO and IST personnel will jointly determine when and how problem reports
are redirected to the software vendor (Hyland / OnBase) for resolution. 

6. Applicants and referees (generally external to UW) will request support
from the Graduate Studies Office through the email address:
gradapp at uwaterloo.ca. The GSO will address these issues and involve IST
technical support as appropriate (through logging a problem report in the
appropriate request tracker queue).

Email to gradapp at uwaterloo.ca is not appropriate for internal UW problem

If you have any corrections and/or suggestions to refine this support model,
please let me know and I will try to address those concerns. 

The support model information on the Quest website will be updated as soon
as possible with information for the new graduate admissions support

Note that Lynn Judge will pass this information onto the graduate admissions
functional users of the new Graduate Admissions / Document Management

Please also note that this support model will supplement the existing
multi-tiered support model that SISP/Quest provides to about 100,000 Quest
users, including:
- over 50,000 undergraduate and graduate applicants
- over 30,000 full/part time active undergraduate and graduate students
- thousands of alumni from the last few years
- as well as a large percentage of UW staff and faculty

and now with an addition of up to 21,000 graduate referees


Derek Kirkland, Project Manager
Information Systems - Student Administration, IST, University of Waterloo

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