[Faccus] Graduate Admissions - Document Management Active X Controls/Java Deployment

Derek Kirkland kirkland at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Nov 20 13:18:54 EST 2008


I received clarification from Hyland/OnBase that the JRE required for Mac OS
X (or as an alternate for PCs or Unix/Linux) is JRE 1.5, not 1.6 as they
previously told us. This is good news and should be compatible with the
level of JRE found in Mac workstations that have been kept current (OS 10.1
or greater). Hyland apologizes for any confusion that the previous
information may have generated. 

As to dates where faculty/department users will start to use OnBase and
require the Active X or JRE; CS is going live as a pilot starting the week
of November 24 and other faculties/departments will be staged in over the
course of December, depending on size and admissions deadline requirements
(as managed by the GSO). 

Please note that Walter has updated the information and files on the
production Mynarski server for the document management system. 

Thank you for your cooperation and the efforts being made to support this
institutional project. 


Derek Kirkland, Project Manager
Information Systems - Student Administration, IST, University of Waterloo

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Subject: RE: Graduate Admissions - Document Management Active X
Controls/Java Deployment

Hello everyone,

I have the new software package ready for deployment in active directory.
I also created a set of Group Policy Objects within Nexus for every faculty
to be used for their deployment in offices.
The name of the GPO for each faculty is "Nexus Common Corporate Apps" with a
prefix of the appfiler of each faculty.  An email will be send out shortly
to inform the representatives of WNAG.

I still need to create a new standalone application for those workstations
that are unmanaged centrally and/or are outside a UW Domain (ADS,
Artsdomain, Nexus).

I will inform you when the standalone application and Windows Installer
files (for deployment) are available for downloading.


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