[Faccus] Graduate Admissions - Document Management Active X Controls/Java Deployment

Daniel Delattre delattre at engmail.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Nov 14 16:27:04 EST 2008

Once you have the new activeX control, could you make it available to me?
I will have to look at how it fits in the current setup.

This also means that most staff will *not* have the activeX control  
available by Monday, which was the initial requirement!


Quoting Derek Kirkland <kirkland at ist.uwaterloo.ca>:

> Hi
> I have further clarification for the client deployments.
> JRE version for Mac
> For Mac deployment of Java JRE for DMS, users should just ensure that they
> have the most current JRE that is appropriate for their level of OS X. For
> most, this would be JRE 1.5 (which has been successfully tested), in spite
> of what the vendor states is the minimum JRE level. Do not force a load of
> JRE 1.6. I am trying to get further clarification from the vendor on this
> issue.
> Active X MSI Package
> The vendor (Hyland/OnBase) has had to give use new core software (to more
> fully support ADS authentication) for our implementation, which is ongoing
> as I write this. Unfortunately, this means they are giving us a new Active X
> MSI package, as the previous one is not compatible with their software
> upgrade. There is no alternative. This means that any deployment to-date of
> the Active X package that was provided has to be redone. I fully understand
> the implications of this, especially for any deployment to-date to self
> managed machines, and we would like to apologize for the work done to date
> having to be redone. Please do not proceed with any further deployments
> until we can provide the vendor's new Active X package. Please note that in
> the future we will tightly manage core upgrades to DMS to minimize further
> deployments of the Active X controls to a manageable level.
> I would like to thank Daniel Delattre of Nexus / Engineering for the work he
> is doing to make the deployment of Active X controls easier for centrally
> managed as well as self managed workstations (through the Nexus advisory
> group and esag). This has been greatly appreciated and is a wonderful
> example of the cooperative spirit at UW.
> ...Derek.
> Derek Kirkland, Project Manager
> Information Systems - Student Administration, IST, University of Waterloo

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