[Faccus] Graduate Admissions - Document Management Active X Controls/Java Deployment

Derek Kirkland kirkland at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Nov 14 15:44:31 EST 2008


I have further clarification for the client deployments.

JRE version for Mac
For Mac deployment of Java JRE for DMS, users should just ensure that they
have the most current JRE that is appropriate for their level of OS X. For
most, this would be JRE 1.5 (which has been successfully tested), in spite
of what the vendor states is the minimum JRE level. Do not force a load of
JRE 1.6. I am trying to get further clarification from the vendor on this

Active X MSI Package
The vendor (Hyland/OnBase) has had to give use new core software (to more
fully support ADS authentication) for our implementation, which is ongoing
as I write this. Unfortunately, this means they are giving us a new Active X
MSI package, as the previous one is not compatible with their software
upgrade. There is no alternative. This means that any deployment to-date of
the Active X package that was provided has to be redone. I fully understand
the implications of this, especially for any deployment to-date to self
managed machines, and we would like to apologize for the work done to date
having to be redone. Please do not proceed with any further deployments
until we can provide the vendor's new Active X package. Please note that in
the future we will tightly manage core upgrades to DMS to minimize further
deployments of the Active X controls to a manageable level. 

I would like to thank Daniel Delattre of Nexus / Engineering for the work he
is doing to make the deployment of Active X controls easier for centrally
managed as well as self managed workstations (through the Nexus advisory
group and esag). This has been greatly appreciated and is a wonderful
example of the cooperative spirit at UW.


Derek Kirkland, Project Manager
Information Systems - Student Administration, IST, University of Waterloo

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