[Faccus] Graduate Admissions - Document Management Active X Controls/Java Deployment

Derek Kirkland kirkland at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Nov 13 14:33:02 EST 2008

This is further information from Hyland/OnBase for the new Graduate
Admissions Project and the deployment of Active X and Java JRE for the DMS
Document Management System. 

The following define some minimum parameters for environments under which
the DMS and associated deployment work:

PC Windows: Vista (not certified yet), Windows XP and Windows 2000 only

	Internet Explorer: 7 or 6.x minimum
	(awaiting clarification from vendor on 
	    of exact minimum level for 6.x)

	Java JRE / Firefox appears to work for Windows
		 but is not certified
		(see minimum versions for Mac OS X) 

Mac OS X: version 10.1 or greater

	Safari: Current from Apple

	Firefox: 3.0.4 minimum

	Java JRE: 1.6 minimum

Unix / Linux:

	Not certified - subject to experimentation
	using Java JRE and Firefox as noted above
	for Mac OS X.

If any of you have been experimenting with Unix/Linux & JRE/Firefox, I would
like to hear about your experience to-date. 


Derek Kirkland, Project Manager
Information Systems - Student Administration, IST, University of Waterloo

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