[Faccus] Purchase of Bomgar Box for remote support

R. William Lewis rwlewis at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Feb 28 11:40:15 EST 2008

I wanted to let you know that IST will be purchasing the Bomgar Box for
providing remote support, which I spoke about at the recent FACCUS meeting.
We will be able to add licenses for the same price we would get now. If you
are interested in using this technology, we could arrange to purchase
additional licenses at any time. 

The cost per license is around $2000 with annual maintenance of $400 (there
are no volume discounts). Cost recovery would be based on the number of
licenses you need, and to what extent they are shared through concurrent
licensing. Once the box is in production, we will be able to offer guest
accounts for you to decide whether this will meet your needs. 

You will also be welcome to come to the training we will provide to the
initial users within IST.


R. William Lewis
Computing Consultant
Client Services - Information System & Technology
University of Waterloo

519-888-4567 x36422

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