[Faccus] Meeting in MC5136B

Jennifer Keir jkeir at cs.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Feb 14 09:40:48 EST 2008

In the text of my reminder about the meeting today,
I gave the wrong building.  The meeting is in MC5136B

Faccus meeting:
Thursday February 14, 2008,


  Discussion topics.
  - assisting users,
    - do HelpDesk staff remote login to users machines?
    - bomgar

  - security.  How is equipment in labs physically secured.

  - environmental issues.
    - Powering off equipment, anybody doing this?

  - OS upgrades
    MacOs = leopard

  - Office 2007 - any more feedback?
  - Sharepoint upgrade?
  - new Xerox printers

  - updating our Mailman list.
    Hazel Kennedy, Anne Grant (FES?)

  - meetings in 2008 to be scheduled by Engineering?

  Round Table updates

  Visit to the MFCF machine room.

There will be juice and cookies.

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