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IST Professional Development Seminar
Topic:     Video, Audio, Streaming, Compression - A Campus Interest Group
Date:      Friday January 18, 2008
Time:      9:00 am - 9:45 am
Room:      MC 2009
Speaker:   Diane Naughton, Multimedia Producer & Interface Designer
This session is intended to bring together people on campus who have
interest in multimedia for the web, whether they are gurus already, or
starting in the area.  Many small groups and individuals work with
multimedia for the web and if we knew their specialities, we could
collaborate more effectively.
The purpose of this seminar:
1.  A brief overview of the ITMS Studio and what services we provide.
2.  Collect contact information for people to share ideas to make our jobs
easier, faster, and to achieve better quality.
3.  Form an interest group that meets monthly (or communicates as agreed) to
continue sharing ideas.
Some goals for the group:
.         Share information and interest areas.
.         Help to raise campus awareness and collaboration for those
creating multimedia for the web.
.         Provide helpful input (e.g., on compression standards) to other
campus web groups (e.g., Web Advisory Group).
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