[Faccus] Matlab 2007a and ensuing issues

Stephen Carr smcarr at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Mar 6 15:25:13 EST 2007

Registered Matlab users have been downloading the new version 2007a from 
the Mathworks site, so yesterday I had Bruce Lennox put the new license 
file on the license server. Unfortunately this broke Matlab use for some 
people (mostly Mac and Unix users who use the "long" version of the 
license.dat file that is tied to the Matlab version). If people are 
reporting problems to the CHIP or other consultants, the fix for this 
problem is to download the new license.dat file for the client workstation 
from saw.uwaterloo.ca/webstore.

Stephen Carr 				                    smcarr at uwaterloo.ca
Computing Consultant (and Liaison to Faculty of Engineering)
Information Systems & Technology  -  Client Services
University of Waterloo, Canada	 	Office: PHY-3007, (519)885-1211 x36444

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