[Faccus] Minutes from Feb 20 meeting

Jennifer Keir jkeir at cs.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Feb 26 17:06:08 EST 2007

Here is a draft of the minutes from the February meeting.
I also tried putting it on sharepoint.  Inside the CSCF document

I'll finalize the minutes in a week or so and put them (get them put)
on the web.


Draft of Minutes of the Meeting of February 20, 2007

Present:   Allan Fleming (Science), Jennifer Keir (CS), Reg Leland (FES), 
           Vic Neglia (Arts), Bill Oldfield (Library), Vic Neglia (Arts), 
           Chris Roth (MFCF),  Paul Snyder (IST),  
           Lisa Tomalty-Crans (IST/Arts), Lowell Williamson (AHS)

Regrets:  Sandra Laughlin (IST), Bernie Rutter (FES)

Round Table Updates:

- renovations in the machine room.  Adding fire suppression system.
- two new labs opened.  One is a 15-seat general purpose nexus lab and
  the other is powered, wired collaboration space.

- HH lab renovations.
- updating networking, replacing old Cisco switches with new HP.
- coops in the ACO busy, teaching courses, eg, on powerpoint.
- ACO offers seminars for admin staff, usually once a term, on topics
  like: contribute, Mailman, myWaterloo.  All admin staff are invited,
  about half (30) show up.
- ACO has a new blog.  The plan is to use it for breaking news,
  perhaps a FAQ.
- podcasting continues.  Several profs are recording their lectures.  A
  coop downloads the lecture, edits it to clean it up a bit (removes
  clicks and deamplifies it) and converts it, then posts it on UW-ACE
  or on a course webpage.  The process takes about 45 minutes.

- blackberry project winding down.  SyncJe will be available at the
  CHIP, for synchronizing mail and bookit.
- IST has meetings once or twice a term for computing support people
  among the academic support staff, approx. 50 people invited.
- admmail has been upgraded and now uses a netapp for files.
- ID management project is continuing with vendors providing 'proof of
  concept' demos.

- AHS also provides seminars, directed at faculty as well as support
  staff.  Popular topics include using a digital camera, protecting
  your kids on the internet.
- new space has been renovated to provide setup workspace, hardware
- trying out vista.
- posted their first podcast.

- new Associate University Librarian, IT Services, Allan Bell has
  joined the library, coming from Stanford.
- electronic submission of theses is now mandatory, UWspace is a
  success.  There was a problem as the new LDAP server started.
- IBM funding has provided new machines for the public areas and new
  storage capacity.
- using VMware for testing new (virtual) machines.
- the library has brown bag lunches for library staff occasionally
  where conference attendees present overviews, etc.
- renovation plans for a information commons (like in the DC library)
  are being discussed for the second floor of Dana Porter.  Also, a
  flex lab is possibly in the works for DC.

- renovations to the helpdesk area are complete.  (or starting?????,
  or something, minute taker seems to have had a blackout).
- FES mail server upgraded and secure email is now being served.

- new lab is open.  It is unlocked during the day and access is by
  watcard swipe after hours.  There are security cameras.

- three new imacs stolen from the tutorial centre.  Security cameras
  were discussed.  The replacements will be locked into security
- CS is hiring a temporary WWW Software specialist.  One job will be
  to improve the application process for new grads.

Topics for Discussion.

1) Dealing with Daylight Savings time, which changes this year (starts
   March 11 and ends November 4).
   - patches are coming out: Blackberry patch came out recently,
     Windows patch may be still on Vanguard.
   - NT servers in the library will be done manually.
   - reminder to check fax machines (photocopiers?).

2) Campus Printing--has there been any progress with a Campus Printing
   - library is about to use PrinterOn for wireless printing.  There
      is a web version and a Windows version.  Guelph and Western use
      it too.
   - others report that nexus wireless printing is working.

3) Vista and Office 2007 experiences, plans, licensing costs
   - Vista is slow on older machines, needs extra memory, better
     graphics card.
   - Library cataloguing software doesn't yet work with Vista.
   - can't run superuser Nexus AD tools yet, ! and !!.
   -  Library ready to go to Office 2007 sooner.
   - Mac version (Office 2008) should be available in the summer, this
     may delay CS upgrading until then.
   - compatibility patch for XP is available (and is now on Vanguard).

4) Web Services Access to Centralized database 
   - rather than each unit building it's own database based on the
     previous day's sagroup Extract, wouldn't it be nice to be able to
     query the registrar's data directly.
   - for the library, information about specific course registration
     is necessary for some reserve items for copyright reasons.
     Wouldn't it be nice to just query an institutional database each
     time a student tried to check out restricted resources.

5) Tour of Math Faculty teaching labs
   - we saw an imac lab and looked at the new Nexus lab and
     collaborative space.  It's reading week, and that's the first
     time I've every seen the collaborative space empty.
   - a tour of the Math machine room is planned for the next meeting,
     in March/April.

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